Professional theatre training for 4 - 18 year olds

We accept aspiring performers from across the UK who want to express themselves creatively and benefit from professional classes in singing, acting and dancing, be part of an ensemble of performers and take part in large scale London shows and smaller local shows. 


No auditions and no experience is necessary. 


What we do

Theatretrain is not just your average drama classes for young people which you'll find from other theatre companies. We offer professional tuition in the performing arts, not available anywhere else, and we are supported by the industry's prestigious actors who recognise the difference we make to young people's lives with our unique approach to theatre training. 

Why choose Theatretrain

  • A unique approach to theatre training designed by industry-leading expert, Kevin Dowsett.
  • A comprehensive curriculum which gets to the heart of what it is to be a performer.
  • Large-scale performances in prestigious London venues.
  • Exceptional quality, professional teaching that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Affordable competitive fees
  • Professional representation for all Theatretrain students